Established 1853

***** BREAKING NEWS EVENT FOR Jamestown PA ***** 911 World Trade Center Beam Transport - A beam will be transported thru Jamestown PA and Staying in Jamestown PA tomorrow night. Arriving att approx 4 - 5:30pm Time frame. Don't miss this opportunity to see touch and show respect of the 911 happenings. This Historic artifact will be among the Jamestown PA community - Don't miss it! Share it Pass it on. Bring your friends Family and Neighbors to see a part of history. Bring your American Flags. PASS IT ON! OCT 22ND 2015

NEW Website Launch

We are thrilled about the interest the community is showing in our organization. This month Community Members  joined to work toward improving our community. We can't wait to get to know them a little better during our upcoming projects.

Support Us!

We depend on help from our caring neighbors. Get involved to improve your Community and support us: every step brings us a little further.
Please contact The  Jamestown Borough Office to find out how you can get involved.

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